Strong, Experienced Legal Advocates

When life presents you with legal challenges, you want a knowledgeable, experienced team that will champion your best interests. That is why clients choose Honsa & Associates, P.A.

Aggressive Advocacy. Honest Advice. Incredible Service.

At Honsa & Associates, P.A., based in Minneapolis, we are aggressive advocates for the people we represent. We protect our clients' legal rights in a powerful and passionate manner. As your attorneys, we will give you the honest advice you need to make good choices about your case. Consider these important questions:

  • As my law firm, will you respond promptly to my calls and emails? Yes, we will. Our firm strives to give each of our clients a high level of attention. We are known for building real relationships with the people we represent.
  • Do you have a good reputation with former clients and other lawyers? Our reputation in the legal community is very strong; so is our name among former clients. The vast majority of our business comes from referrals from other attorneys and from people we have represented.