High-Asset Divorce And Property Division

Minnesota statute says that in a divorce, marital assets are to be divided in a fair and equitable manner. But what does fair and equitable mean in your case? Which assets are marital and which are premarital?

If you are concerned about the division of property in your divorce, talk to the Minneapolis firm of Honsa Rodd Landry Our lawyers focus exclusively on family law, and we concentrate a significant portion of our practice on high-asset divorce cases. We can help you protect your interests, even if your case seems incredibly complicated.

Practical, Honest Advice For Business Owners And Professionals

Get practical, honest advice from an attorney who understands the law and procedures regarding the division of different types of assets in divorce. We can help you find trustworthy answers to important questions about your property:

  • Will I be able to keep my home when I get divorced?
  • How will my business be divided?
  • Will I lose part of my stake in intellectual property such as patents?
  • What will happen to my cabin, vacation real estate or investment property?
  • Will my spouse and I share retirement assets such as those in 401(k), IRA or Roth IRA accounts? How do QDROs work?
  • What kind of temporary orders can I expect to have before the divorce is finalized?
  • Will spousal maintenance (alimony) be ordered in my case?

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