Protecting Your Children From Conflict

Many divorcing parents worry that they will damage or hurt their children emotionally during the process of divorce. Some of these men and women experienced the divorce of their own parents.

Some parents are fearful that their children will get "messed up" by being "in the middle" of the conflict, be harmed by the change in lifestyle and routines or be confused by a shift in family structure. It is normal to have these fears when you care deeply about your children and want to protect them. There is a lot you can do to protect your children from the adverse impact of divorce-related conflict.

Utilizing Expert Resources, Developing A Viable Co-Parenting Strategy

At the Minneapolis, Minnesota, law firm of Honsa Rodd Landry, not only are we adept at the practice of family law, but our attorneys have access to expert resources outside the legal field. More than 45 years of collective experience with family law lead us to believe that:

  • Our sons and daughters are more resilient than we think.
  • Conflicts about custody, parenting time and money can be resolved outside of court.
  • In many cases, children are damaged not by a divorce itself, but by the manner in which their parents deal with (or don't deal with) conflict.
  • Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods and resources can be exceptionally useful to divorcing couples and their families.
  • Skilled counselors and therapists can be very helpful.
  • Educational opportunities are abundant in Minnesota.
  • A viable co-parenting plan is essential for your children.
  • Every divorce and custody case is a unique matter that should be reviewed with a lawyer.

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