Setting Up a Visitation (Parenting Time) Schedule

Very often, one of the most difficult things about a divorce or parenting conflict is the challenge of establishing custody and parenting time (formerly referred to as visitation) arrangements for your children. In almost every case, it is essential for children to have a strong, consistent relationship with both of their parents. That requires a carefully planned parenting-time schedule.

Guidance Regarding Parenting Time

At Minneapolis-based Honsa Mara & Kanne, we provide our clients with the guidance they need to develop and implement parenting-time schedules that work for their families. Our attorneys can help you craft a schedule that will work best for you, your children and your co-parent; in many cases, you can be very creative about the process.

Relying on more than 75 years of collective family law experience, our custody lawyers can help you answer questions like:

  • What does Minnesota law say about my custody situation?
  • What does it mean that child support is based on parenting time?
  • Am I entitled to “50-50” time with my child or children?
  • What’s the most common schedule for situations like mine?
  • How can the age of the child impact visitation arrangements?
  • Do I need to go to court to change a parenting-time schedule?
  • How do I handle the issue of supervised parenting time (“supervised visitation”)?
  • How can I prevent my ex-spouse from taking advantage of me?

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