Modification Of Court Orders

In Minnesota, family court orders reflect a judge or judicial officer’s decision (or the parties’ agreement) about the facts of a case at a certain point in time. We all know that circumstances can change as time goes on.

If you have experienced a change of circumstances — a change related to you or your children that you think could significantly impact a court order, seek the legal advice you need. In certain situations, it is possible to modify orders related to child support, child custody, parenting time, spousal maintenance and other vital issues.

Practical Advice And Useful Strategies When Your Circumstances Have Changed

Honsa Mara & Kanne provides practical advice and strategic legal representation to clients who find themselves in need of a change. If you need the help of an experienced family law attorney, we can answer your questions, including:

  • How do I change my child support or spousal support if my income has changed?
  • Can I expect new parenting time arrangements for my children as they get older?
  • How do I cover additional medical or educational expenses for my children?
  • My former spouse recently remarried. Will that change my alimony or support obligation?
  • Do I need a lawyer to change a court order?
  • Do I need to go to court to obtain a modification?

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Sometimes it is possible to change agreements through the modification of court orders, and sometimes it is not. Discuss your concerns with an experienced lawyer. Contact us to schedule an appointment.