Child Custody and Parenting Time

Child custody and parenting time (traditionally known as visitation) can be the most hotly contested issues in a divorce or in a case involving unmarried parents.

In custody and parenting time matters, the critical consideration is the best interests of the children. To meet your children’s needs — and protect your rights as a parent — you may need the advice of a lawyer with extensive experience in custody cases. Honsa Mara & Kanne can provide the help you need.

Finding Smart, Practical Solutions | Finding Ways To Be Successful as Co-Parents

We help our clients find creative solutions to custody and parenting time issues in an effort to decrease emotional and financial stress. We can answer questions like:

  • What are the differences between legal and physical custody in Minnesota?
  • What type of custody should I expect to be awarded?
  • Will I be awarded primary residence?
  • How can I keep my family law case out of court?
  • Can mediation, arbitration or collaborative law be useful to me?
  • Will I be penalized on parenting time because I work long hours, travel for work or have an unusual job schedule?
  • Does my gender or my child’s age have an impact on our custody order?
  • How do I protect my custody rights?
  • How do I make sure my parenting time schedule is fair?

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