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Can Mediation Work For Me?

There are many ways to approach a divorce. In any marriage dissolution, there are numerous options for addressing difficulties and disagreements and reaching an acceptable outcome — without going to court and putting your personal and family life in the hands of a judge.

Mediation is a familiar term, but it is just one of the methods often referred to collectively as ADR , an acronym for alternative dispute resolution. Mediation involves the use of a neutral third party to assist our clients with reaching agreements on important matters; it can be less expensive, more cooperative, less stressful and more empowering to you:

  • With the right assistance, you can work out your custody and child support arrangements outside of court.
  • A consensual special magistrate (CSM) or private judge can be useful in cases involving complicated facts and information.
  • Experts like forensic CPAs, real estate appraisers and financial planners can assist you with tax issues, real estate concerns, business valuation and other aspects of property division.
  • In some cases, counselors and other professionals play an important role in the divorce process.

Easier Resolution Of Your Divorce Matter

If a neutral third party or other professional can help make your divorce easier, Minneapolis-based Honsa Mara Landry, can assist you in putting the pieces together. Our lawyers concentrate on family law and have more than 45 years of collective experience with Minnesota divorce cases.

We can answer your questions about divorce mediation, arbitration, collaborative divorce and other alternatives to litigated divorce. We are willing and able to represent you strongly in court if a litigated (“contested”) divorce becomes necessary.

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If you are asking yourself, “Can mediation work for me?” contact the attorneys of Honsa Mara Landry, to schedule an initial consultation. We serve clients throughout the Twin Cities.



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