Implications For Business Owners

A divorce can have an impact on every aspect of your financial and business life, not to mention your emotions and your most important relationships.

If you are a Minnesota business owner, you should be aware of the implications of marriage dissolution. You should have knowledgeable legal representation as you tackle the numerous challenges of divorce. That’s where Honsa Mara & Kanne can assist you.

Protecting Your Interests In Divorce

At Honsa Mara & Kanne, our lawyers are skilled at helping our clients reach fair outcomes in divorce proceedings involving significant business assets. We have decades of relevant experience finding answers to questions such as:

  • If we get divorced, who gets the business?
  • Is there a way to divide our property out of court using mediation or another approach?
  • Are there hard-and-fast rules about business asset division?
  • What if my business predates my marriage?
  • How do we divide a business that my spouse and I built together?
  • Who will retain ownership of commercial real estate we own?
  • What am I entitled to if I took care of the children full time while my spouse ran a business?
  • How does the court divide a business with multiple locations?
  • Can we do this divorce privately, outside of court?
  • Will I pay or receive alimony?

Your business holdings are unique. Some businesses can be divided in divorce, while others cannot. Make sure you are equipped to make informed choices about your assets.

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