What Are My Custory Rights?

It is normal and healthy to be concerned about your children if you are a parent who is getting divorced. It is important to protect your custody rights while keeping the focus on taking good care of your children. Our attorneys can help you protect your children and take care of yourself.

Explaining The Rules of Custody and Visitation

At Honsa Mara & Kanne, we are here to demystify the custody and visitation processes, and we are here to help you get good results in your case. As your attorneys, we will help you understand what the law says about your situation; most importantly, we can help you understand your options for resolving your custody matter as favorably as possible — with as little acrimony and conflict as possible. Talk to us about:

  • What “best interest” factors the court will look at when it addresses the issue of custody
  • Why a viable co-parenting strategy and a solid visitation schedule are so critical
  • The meaning of joint and sole legal and physical custody
  • What legal custody and physical custody will mean in your case
  • How visitation (parenting time) and custody will be decided
  • More peaceful alternatives to litigated divorce
  • How you and your child’s other parent can agree on custody issues outside of court
  • Whether mothers and fathers have different inherent custody rights

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